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Production of chemical products


Our company have been developing and producing the chemical products for chemical industry since 1996.

We have mastered the manufacturing lines in production of phosphatizing and degreasing compounds, corrosion inhibitors, metal-working lubricants and the line in production of trisodium phosphate on the basis of which we have developed the technology of production of sodium sesquicarbonate.

We would like to present you artificial crystal TRONA – NA2CO3= NAHCO3=2H2O sodium sesquicarbonate, that is widely used for manufacture of phosphate-free laundry powders and compounds preventing scale build-up in washing-machines.

Sodium sesquicarbonate \trona\ exhibits high washing and disinfecting properties at low Ph value, removes unpleasant odors when doing laundry. Trona-based compounds do not foam, protect heating element from scale build-up, that makes it possible to use them in washing-machines operating at high temperatures.

The main point is that trona is a green product, it does not cause allergies, skin diseases and irritations.

Tronais a high-quality product, its characteristics make it competitive on a world-wide basis; it is produced by means of unique energy-saving crystallization method of sodabicarbonate suspension. This method allows you to obtain TRONA of low poured density that is more suitable for application as a component of laundry powders in compare with heavier similar products

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