Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya,
24 Sobornyi Ave

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About us


Production and Commercial Company POLYMER (POLYMER brand) is a diversified conglomerate that focuses on five business areas:

History of brand development goes back to 1992.Manufacture is located in industrial heart of Ukraine Zaporozhye.

The buyers of Polymer products are the leading enterprises of different business areas: machine-building, pharmaceutical, transportation equipment, agricultural and food industries.

Mission of the company

  • is focused on development of technological innovations, making creative decisions and obtaining mutually profitable advantages for team, clients and partners.


  • Positive corporate culture, social responsibility and leadership.
  • High reputational dividends and trust of our clients and partners.

Strategic objectives:

  • Introduction of innovative approaches within technologies and products production segment.
  • Attracting investments to expand output and promote the products of company on international markets.
  • Management-standards improvement and development of socially responsible leadership.


  • Competitive advantages:
  • Company growth dynamics
  • Unique products
  • Stable positive image
  • Innovative solutions
  • Mobility and efficiency
  • Progressive approaches
  • Growth capacity

Business ambitions of Polymer Company are directed at interaction and cooperation with international partners, investors with subsequent products export to foreign markets.

The dynamics of business processes encourages us to be in constant quest for competing solutions. Innovations, mobility, unicity, intellect, progressive vision and responsible leadership today are the key success components of a modern enterprise.

Founder of Private Enterprise Production and Commercial Company Polymer