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Director of electrotehnical departament

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Electrotechnical production. Exhibitions and salons

AVIASVIT 2012 | 1 | 2 | film |

The 8th International Aviation and Space Salon "AVIASVIT-XXI", held September 27 - October 1, 2012 in Kiev (urban Hostomel, airport "Kiev-Antonov").

Begin of Autumn. Near Kiev was deployed specialized exposition, are connected with the military and civil aviation. Our partner - "Motor Sich" attended the exhibition.

We visited the exhibition as observers. We viewed what have the others who working in a similar industry.

We present a small gallery

Aircrafts in the exhibition

Авиасвит 2012
Авиасвит 2012 Авиасвит 2012 Авиасвит 2012
Авиасвит 2012 Авиасвит 2012 Авиасвит 2012

Thematic sections of the Salon:

* All types and purposes of Aircrafts, their maintenance and construction;
* Missile systems, spacecrafts and space technology;
* Aircraft and rocket engines;
* Combustible- lubricants and industrial fluids;
* Airborne and ground equipment for aircrafts;
* Navigation and flight control systems;
* Saving and life-support systems;
* Equipment for airports and terminals, air cargo;
* Aviation technology and materials;
* Aircraft armament;
* Missile armament complexes;
* Air defense systems;
* Armament and military equipment for land forces and the navy;
* Technology and communication systems;
* Computer Technology;
* Conversion high technology;
*Disposal of aviation, rocket technology and ammunition;
* Repair, modernization and maintenance of aircraft
* Equipment and tools for aircraft building, missile systems, spacecrafts and high-tech engineering;
* Preparation and retraining of specialists;
* Medicine for the crew and passengers of aircrafts;
* Flying clubs and schools and aircraft modeling;
* Automotive technology;
* Financial services, leasing, insurance and logistics

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