Alexander Borisenko
Director of electrotehnical departament

Tel.: +38(061) 224-41-17
Mob.: +38(067) 617-12-42
Adress: 69063, Zaporizhzhya city, 24 Sobornyi Ave

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Electrotechnical manufacturing.

About manufacturing

Электротехническое производство

Our enterprise is presented on the market as a company that provides solutions in the field of electrotechnical products providing uninterruptible power supply, control, transmission of control and driving signals of power and auxiliary units, machines, aircraft engines, CNC machines and military equipment of different applications.

The enterprise has implemented the System of military machinery development and launching into manufacture (State Standard GOST V 15.301-80).

The company has the quality management certificate ISO9001:2000, Certificate of mastering the serial manufacture of electric wiring harnesses used at power engines for aircrafts and ground-based equipment according to requirements of technical documents of Motor Sich, JSC.

The enterprise has the capacities to master single-unit production, serial and small-scale manufacture of electric wiring harnesses for any equipment, produced by other enterprises:

  • aerospace engineering,
  • helicopters,
  • half-track machines,
  • automotive equipment,
  • military equipment of different applications.

Range of materials and components used during manufacture includes the products of such companies as Deutsch, Raychem, Tyco Electronics, (EN2997), etc.

Availability of specialized tools (that meet the requirements of MIL standards) and equipment allows us to produce wire products for any technical purpose and of high quality.

All used materials and components are subject to acceptance control.

The wires can meet any environmental requirements and can operate at temperature range from -50°Cto +200°C.
Technicians-and-engineers have been trained and certified. They are experienced in design engineering and assembly operations with help of equipment, supplied by above mentioned companies, as well as when solving difficult and challenging tasks.

Highly qualified installation staff can apply advanced techniques of electrical installation work.
The enterprise is constantly upgrading the manufacture, applies advanced technologies and equipment. It makes possible to produce competitive products corresponding tolevel of the best world samples.


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