Alexander Borisenko
Director of electrotehnical departament

Tel.: +38(061) 224-41-17
Mob.: +38(067) 617-12-42
Adress: 69063, Zaporizhzhya city, 24 Sobornyi Ave

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Electrotechnical manufacturing

(A plot for aviation wire harnesses manufacturing)

Private enterprise production and commercial company “POLYMER” works in the Ukrainian the market as a company which providing solutions in the field of electrotechnical products like guaranteed power supply, control, transmission control, power auxiliary units manage signals, machinery, aircraft engines, CNC machines and military equipment for various purposes.


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Наша продукция

Our products (photo gallery)
(aviation wire harnesses)

… In this instance – just a set of electrical connections for aircraft engines of the brand...

Электротехническое производство

... The company has the ability to acquire single, batch, small lot wire harnesses production for any manufactured technology by third-party companies

Virtual tour of the premises

Электротехническое производство. Люди

... Production is protected from the negative effects of urban infrastructure.
Prepared for production environment with unique technical requirements for product quality and highly qualified staff.


Certificates and Testimonies of electrotechnical production


Exhibitions in where we’ve been:

Our partner “Motor Sich”

... Enterprise produces aircraft engines and gas turbine power plants.
Production of the enterprise are operated on airplanes and helicopters for various purposes, in more than 120 countries worldwide.

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