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Mechanical manufacturing

Mechanical manufacture of company " Polymer " provides all types of machining. The enterprise carries out all complex of turning and milling works.

Consumers of production of mechanical division are the enterprises of an agriculture and other sectors of the industry.

The rack mechanized is intended for storage and delivery of a various type of the fine details, completing products, hardware and toolkit. The rack is maybe established in a warehouse or specifically in shop.

The rack represents a vertical design of the rectangular form consisting of a skeleton and facing panels fixed on them.

Inside there are the shelfs fixed on a circuit. Shelfs move in a vertical plane. The operator chooses the necessary shelf by means of the ?¬-display, the required shelf transfers to a loading window. The loading window is established on the forward panel through which loading or delivery of materials is carried out.

Carrying capacity of each shelf, their number, as well as external dimensions of a rack stipulate at the specific order.


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