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Wood-working production

About us

Your comfort starts here

Joinery manufacture Phenix was established in 1992 and belongs to group of companies Private Enterprise Production and Commercial Company Polymer. The manufacturing workshops are located in industrial center of the southern part of Ukraine – in Zaporozhye.

Today our furniture manufacture is located in state-of-the-art equipped complex of 700 m2 in area.

We saddle ourselves with all your troubles

Due to favorable working conditions we can complete an order of any degree of complexity and size and in time. We value time of our clients and take upon ourselves all kinds of work: from sketch to assembly.


You will be comfortable with us

All of us faced a situation when it is very difficult of find a product or piece of furniture that meets specific requirements. For example, we like shape but the color is wrong or vice versa – we are satisfied but the dimensions are different. Our customers don’t have such challenges. Material, shape, color and other details are taken into account during manufacture of a product.

Many years' experience

Our team has been improving and practicing its joinery skills since 1992.

Combining experienced hands of a craftsman and modern technologies you can achieve indeed a splendid result. That is why we upgrade our workshops with new equipment regularly that allows us not only to speed up the manufacturing process but to avoid damaging the product at different production phase. We have been materializing the ideas of our clients for more than 10 years.


With the course of time we became perpetuated about one our belief – each product (as well as every work) must be done with passion and reverential attitude. Everything that is made by the craftsman must be life-filled.

Due to individual approach to the client every product is unique and one of a kind.


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